"wetter" video from the WETA EP now available from Bandcamp for "Pay what you want"

Video for first single from "Coito Ergo Sum" available from Bandcamp
From an original concept by Guy Nisbett and Julian Shah-Tayler
Completed, edited and coloured by Shawn Bann
Thanks to Tiki, Hilary, Christina, Nery and Sasha
Featured on "The City" MTV

My simple self-directed and filmed video for my fun remix of Jimi.

A simple clip video for the song "Talking In Your Sleep"
The Singularity are: A. Jude - Vocals, Denise George - Vocals, Cat Hue - Keyboards, Loopez - Guitars, The Sheriff - Bass, Sunny Meadows - Drums.
Features photos by Cyn Yen, Corey Adolphus and others. Thanks guys.
Photos taken at Simple Studios by Cyn Yen, The El Rey Theatre, 3 Clubs, Cannibal Flower, all in the lovely city of LA and environs