"Beautiful Majestic Song. Good on you, Brother" - Carmine Rojas (Bowie band)

"Wetter Is Massive It will make Julian a star" – Alan McGee (Creation Records) 
"Very Impressed" – David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) 
"Julian is a true musical genius" – Ed Mears (Crest Digital Recordings)
"Classy Pop Perfection" – BabySue 
"Massive talent" – Boom Boom Chik 
"Sublime electronic rock – A marvelous Hunky Dory" – Mojophenia 
"One of the most talented songwriters of the century" - Rootstime 
"Songwriting and performance is quite stunning" – Beehive Candy 
"Julian is seriously talented" – I Am The Programmer 
"Electrifying" - Hotter In Hollywood
"It's like a magic carpet ride" – Mark Walbaum – CSI Miami 
"London new wave at its danceable best" – Dabelly.com 
"The Brilliant Julian Shah-Tayler..... Stupidly good" – Liberty London Girl 
"Extremely Catchy" - Bomarrblog 
"Illustrious, very talented. I can't say anything short of Wow!" - Lolly's Hot Licks 
"I am so blown away. Reminds me of Prince." - Rick Mizuno (LA Talk Radio) 
"I love this album - it's fantastic" - Yorkie, Aiiradio 
"Beauty that is rarely seen in music today" – Ramonosaurusrex
"As good as it gets" – Must have track of 2010 – Rebel Riffs 
"Intelligent, and skilled" – The Deli 
"A true musical chameleon" – Mixtape Muse
"This music screams SEXY to me" – Lafamos blog 
"Artistic perfection on his own terms" – Obscure Sound 
"An artist to watch for his versatility, musical integrity and sophisticated artistry" – Music Goat 
"A mystical world mastered by Julian… Melancholic rock heaven" – Mishmash Magazine 
"A real musical journey" – Back When We Were Beautiful Blog 
"An album of such bewildering depth and range" Allgigs.co.uk

Above REVIEWS of previous album "Coito Ergo Sum"